D’oh! Malware author leaves “to-do” list in code

This morning I found yet more proof that your average malware author is male.  I don’t think many people will take issue with the fact that the majority of men are not known for their ability to multi-task. When a malware author is setting up his file to drop sneaky little dll’s into your system32 folder he has a lot on his plate. He’s got to sort his internet connectivity out, give his files innocent looking icons and find as many ways as possible to convince you to run his malware on your system.  With so much to do it’s really no wonder he sometimes forgets to add convincing version information to his files. Here’s one we spotted this morning:

If you found that file in your System32 folder how likely would you be to trust it? Whilst you can never 100% trust decent version information as being an indication of a clean file, dodgy version information is often a dead giveaway.

As you can see he had the best intentions, he just didn’t get around to doing it properly. The “TO DO” mistake is something that we also see a lot of in various broken spam campaigns. Now that I come to think of it though, To Do lists are an infinitely female trait…

Image courtesy of Fox