Tech journalist falls for Facebook phish

Bravo to David Berlind, an editor at InformationWeek magazine.

He could have just kept schtum about falling for a phishing attack that stole his email address and Facebook password today, but instead he shared his experience with others in the hope that he’d be able to raise awareness of what is a growing problem.

David even took screenshots, showing his readers how he had fallen for the scam:

Images of Facebook phishing scam

At Sophos we’re seeing more and more evidence that hackers are stealing social networking accounts to send spam, spread malware, and launch scams. Just like you need to properly secure your PC to prevent it becoming part of a botnet, so you also need to take proper care of your website usernames and passwords to prevent identity thieves and cybercriminals taking over your online accounts.

You can learn more about cybercrime on Facebook and Twitter in this podcast we recently recorded.