New Conficker variant

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If you regularly follow computer security related blogs you may have read that recently there was some discussion about a potentially new variant of the Conficker worm. SRI researchers, in their detailed and interesting analysis decided to call the new variant Conficker B++.

Admittedly, SophosLabs has been slow to discuss this new variant.

The reason? Well, it's very similar to variant B of Conficker, with a few changes, including the modified self-updating functionality. And the good news is that Sophos products detect this latest variant proactively, without requiring new updates, as Mal/Conficker-A.

SophosLabs researchers are currently analysing the new variant and will update the description of Mal/Conficker-A with the additional details soon.

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About the author

Vanja is a Principal Virus Researcher in SophosLabs. He has been working for Sophos since 1998. His major interests include automated analysis systems, honeypots and malware for mobile devices. Vanja is always ready for a good discussion on various security topics.