Symbian users are lured by ‘Sexy View’ once again.

“Do not trust any kind of ‘Sexy View’ application and be careful even if you get a message from a known contact”, say our threat researchers, “particularly these days, when Symbian users are under attack from the next generation of malware that targets the S60 3rd Edition phones and those compatible with them”.

You may be surprised to find out the so called ‘Sexy View’ application from a ‘Play Boy’ vendor conceals a monster that will steal your confidential details as well as the bill that you’ll have to pay for all those SMS messages that were sent from your device .

This monster (Symb/Yxes-Gen) is a clever thing, as in addition to claiming to provide English and Chinese language options upon installation it arrives as a SISX installation file with the valid Symbian certificate.

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