Details of Obama’s chopper leaked via P2P software?

Marine One helicopter
The US Presidential helicopter, known as “Marine One”, must be one of the most highly secured aircraft in the world.

Often seen on the White House lawn, “Marine One” always flies alongside a group of identical helicopters which act as decoys in case of an attack.

There will, therefore, be serious questions asked following the reported security breach that leaked engineering and communications information about the “Marine One” helicopter onto a peer-to-peer file-sharing network. According to reports, sensitive blueprints regarding the chopper’s avionics and communications system were found on an IP address located in Tehran.

There has been speculation that a defence contractor might have installed P2P software onto their PC, which then shared the sensitive files across the internet for anyone to download.

Regular visitors to the Sophos website will probably know that there have been countless incidents of sensitive information leaking into the public domain through peer-to-peer file-sharing software. It seems some still haven’t learnt the lesson.

A Sophos survey found that uncontrolled applications are causing serious concern for system administrators. For example, 86.5% of respondents said they want the opportunity to block P2P applications, with 79% indicating that blocking is essential.

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