Waled explosion in your city!

Our spam traps have intercepted a new spam campaign linking to Waled malware.

Just like it did in the past, the campaign exploits the “breaking news” theme in order to make you follow the malicious link. But today’s “news” are much more personal.

Looking through the window of our Vancouver office right now, I can see that it is snowing today, which is quite unusual, especially in the middle of March. But I’m quite sure that the colder temperatures outside are not the result of the “dirty” bomb explosion. The city is as quiet and tranquil as always.

Surely, if you navigate to the website from a different location, the news will be “localized”, just like this:

The spam campaign subjects include phrases like: “Take Care!”, “Are you and your friends in good health?”, ” At least 18 killed in your city”, “I hope you are not in the city now” and others.

Sophos Anti-Virus detects this version proactively as Mal/WaledPak-E. And the URLs are blocked by our e-mail and web gateway products.