From Russia with money

Today we started seeing a new malware campaign arriving on our spamtraps:

The message appears to have been generated through a translator as the text is quite broken grammatically. If I decipher the message correctly, it purports to be from someone named “Snezanna” who has just deposited some money with a Russian bank for the message recipient. According to the message, the recipient just has to open the attachment and retrieve the MTCN number in order to receive funds. The message ends with “See Russia isn’t bad country! As you thought!” – referring to “Snezanna”‘s ability to earn money in Russia during the world-wide economic crisis.

Of course, opening the attachment will have dire consequences. The two attached zip files and extracts two .scr files that are now detected as Troj/Merein-E. This Trojan includes functionality to access the internet and communicate with a remote server via HTTP – probably for further instructions or additional exploits.