Stop staff plugging their body parts into your PCs

When is a thumb drive, not a thumb drive? When it’s a finger drive!

Finnish software engineer Jerry Jalava lost one half of his left ring finger in a motorcycle accident last year. The inventive computer programmer from Helsinki had a prosthetic fingertip made to replace his missing one, but with one key difference.

It has a 2GB memory stick embedded inside it!

Jerry Jalava's USB drive prosthetic finger

It’s said that Jerry keeps a Billix Linux distribution and a copy of the movie “Freddie Got Fingered” on his USB finger.

If you want to stop your employees plugging their unauthorised body parts into your computers you might like to consider the device control technology we have built into our security products.

Oh, and all this talk got me thinking – what else could Jerry have lurking on his prosthetic USB device? Confinger? (Sorry)