Suspected Pentagon hacker “Wolfenstein” arrested

The Pentagon
According to media reports, a 23-year-old man has been arrested in Romania, suspected of hacking into US Department of Defense systems in 2006.

According to investigators, Eduard Lucian Mandru, of Iaşi, Romania, is not just a student at the local Faculty of Economy and Business Management, but also the hacker nicknamed “Wolfenstein” who broke into the DoD’s secure network in 2006, infecting computers with a spyware Trojan horse.

It is reported that the hacker accessed networks at the Pentagon via compromised servers in Japan, making it more difficult to identify his true location. Investigators claim that one of the few leads they had was a Yahoo email address linked to the hacker –

In what appears to have been a blunder of extraordinary proportions, Mandru posted his CV on a number of job-seeking websites when looking for employment including – you guessed it – the email address

Judging by the scale of this blunder, if Mandru was the hacker who broke into the Pentagon then he may well be Romania’s answer to Homer Simpson.

If found guilty of hacking, Mandru faces a jail sentence of between 3 and 12 years.

* Image source: M.V. Jantzen’s Flickr photostream (Creative Commons)