Antique Chair and a fake anti-virus

I was having a look at some of the sites serving up Fake Anti-Virus malware, and came across this interesting content on one of the pages:

Antique Chair

Whoever wrote that really has antique chairs on the brain, they seem to keep writing that phrase when they mean to be talking about health problems associated with tobacco.

The main text actually seems to come from a government report titled “Strategies for Reducing Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke, Increasing Tobacco-Use Cessation, and Reducing Initiation in Communities and Health-Care Systems”, but some random website content generation tool has taken it and replaced random words with the rather incongruous phrase “antique chair”. Bizarrely I found a lot more auto-generated web content that seems to use this same report as a basis.

If you go to another part of the same site, you get accosted by an all-too-familiar page touting the malware, detected as Mal/FakeAvJs-A:

Antique Chair Fake AV

Altogether a most antique chair method that I expect to see used antique chair, and one that definitely leads me to believe that the authors are absolutely antique chair.