DHL tracking number emails contain malware

Once again the bad guys are hard at work, spamming out dangerous emails. This morning it’s emails which claim to come from DHL, saying they were not able to deliver a postal package you sent on 14th of March because the recipient’s address was incorrect.

DHL delivery malicious email

Of course, the emails are not really from DHL.

If you open the file inside the attachment (called you will be infected by the Troj/Bckdr-QSL backdoor Trojan horse, which will attempt to take control of your PC.

The emails we are seeing in our spam traps all use the subject line “DHL Tracking number” but have a randomly generated reference number.

Some subject lines used in the fake DHL email malware campaign

As always, be very very suspicious of unsolicited email attachments and make sure that your anti-virus software is properly updated.