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We have been watching a large scale malicious spam campaign posing (once again) as an email from courier firm DHL.

Just like last time the messages claim that DHL tried to deliver a parcel from you on the 14th of March, and that you need to print out the attached invoice (contained inside and bring it to their office.

DHL Tracking Number malicious email

Of course, opening is not to be recommended. It contains the Troj/Agent-JJP Trojan horse and will put the security of your computer into remote hackers.

The emails that are currently arriving in our spam traps, battering down like hailstones on a tin roof, all use the subject line "DHL Tracking number" but have a randomly generated reference number.

Malicious emails claiming to come from DHL

Of course, the hackers are bound to use this trick again. And it's trivial for them to change the filename - so it's not as simple as simply avoiding files called You actually have to be careful about *any* unsolicited file attachment you are sent.

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