It’s Conficker day – so where’s the meltdown?

With April 1st already upon us in some timezones, the much feared meltdown of the world’s computer systems, has, as expected. Simply not happened!

Yes, the new algorithm for polling websites has started as scheduled, but to quote another blog “So far, nothing has actually happened”.

Despite the fact that the number of machines infected with the variant of Conficker that actually uses the ‘new’ algorithm being relatively small. The hysteria around this seems to continue unabated.

I’m currently in SophosLabs Canada, and we’re hearing news reports saying that this is a virus that no one can detect (untrue, all major security vendors can detect all the variants) and conficker will cause untold damage to millions of computers.

Even our own support department are reporting huge volumes of worried customers wondering what is about to happen.

The simple answer is “nothing”. If you aren’t infected with conficker, nothing will happen. If you have machines in your network that are infected, firstly you will know about it (because the protected machines will be able to detect it trying to spread), and secondly, it will probably be one of the earlier variants, and finally, if it is conficker.c, there is only a 1% chance that your infected machine will contact the right domain, if the malware author decides to post an update.

As you can see, there are a lot of “if’s”

Millions of computers going into meltdown?

There’s more chance of a television satellite being infected with a virus, or spaghetti growing on trees.