Conficker headline competition – we have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Conficker news headline competition I was running earlier this week.

Here’s just a few of the entries:

  • Conficker: world's greatest April Fool's joke or 'digital Pearl Harbor'?
  • Conficker: Doomsday or Rickroll?
  • Brainy worm might jack the world's PCs
  • Virus threat to 9 million computers: Will your PC be hijacked on April 1?
  • Conficker - The Paris Hilton of Botnets
  • Conflicker virus expected to hit bank accounts from April 1
    (hey, at least get the name of the virus correct)

and I’m a bit disappointed that no-one submitted this inspired headline from CNet:

  • The Dancing Woz eliminated--Conficker to blame?

But, of course, I had to choose a winner and here it is:

Tick. Tick. Tick. Time bomb virus to go off in hours

Congratulations to Brian from the Datacenter at California State University San Bernardino for submitting the “Tick. Tick. Tick” headline (some others submitted it too, but Brian was first).

I must admit that my vote was swayed a little by one of the other headlines..

  • Man charged with drunk driving on bar stool

Fact fans may be interested to know that Brian, who takes a medium-sized T-shirt, works as a Systems Administrator at the university, helping out with end user support.

Thanks to everyone once again for taking part in the competition. We’ll do another one again soon.