Who doesn’t like fruit?!

Especially the ever easy to reach ‘low-hanging fruit’.

One of the over ripe, yet still tasty, low-hanging fruit of the AV industry, is the ever pervasive inclusion of “flames” or “tags” in ones warez…. These ( typically rude ) phrases that the bad guys love to put in their code makes it really really easy to detect and group their malignant offerings.

Unfortunately, every now and then apparently ‘professional’ products include some rather defamatory comments about specific operating system providers with declarations of these organizations alternative sexual preferences…. Which in turns means that we have to add yet another layer of complexity to these otherwise simple identities to ensure that we don’t false positive on the ‘legit-yet-foul-mouthed professional’ applications.

You know who you are (and if you don’t, we do).

Please stop including flames in your code!

It’s just not nice.

( And, NO, rot13 or xor encrypting your strings to hide them doesn’t help. )