Sophos sales magic in Boston

If you’ve been following the Clu-blog in the last week or so, you’ll notice that it’s been dominated by news about the various incarnations of the StalkDaily/Mikeyy Mooney worms that have been hitting users of the Twitter micro-blogging website.

But other than that, it’s been a little quieter than normal. The reason is that I’ve been in Boston at the annual Sophos Sales Kickoff. Hundreds of Sophos sales people are crated-up from from around the world on huge container ships and deposited in a swanky hotel for a series of presentations, workshops and meetings to rev them up for the year ahead.

Of course, I’m not a sales person (don’t ask me how much our products cost – I really wouldn’t have a clue, although I have been trained to say that they are “very reasonably priced”) so I wouldn’t normally expect to go to these kind of shindigs.

On this occasion, though, I was parceled up for the event to tell our enthusiastic salesdroids about all the latest trends in malware and cybercrime, as well as honoured to be asked to be MC for the entire event.

It was great fun, made all the more entertaining by being able to do a double-act with extraordinary magician Bill Herz during some lighthearted interludes.

Rumour has it that some videos were made of Bill’s and my performances at Sophos’s Sales KickOff, but they haven’t made it to my inbox yet. So in the meantime, here’s some footage of Bill in action at other events:

[google video=]

This week I’m at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, so blogging may continue to be a little lighter than usual. However, I won’t be getting too far away from the antics of Mikeyy Mooney as I’m giving a talk about threats on social networks.