Spam referencing Swine flu outbreak

Predictably enough, today we started to see spam taking advantage of concerns around the current Swine Flu outbreak.

Surprised? We shouldn’t be. Just another day in the office for spammers. Crawling news sites for suitable stories to use in campaigns is commonplace and very easy to automate. We only have to go back a few weeks to see the death of Natasha Richardson being exploited in order to infect users with fake anti-virus.

In the campaign seen earlier today, the purpose of the spam is meds related. Anyone clicking on the link in the message is redirected to an all too familiar Canadian Pharmacy site.

As ever, users should be careful with links received in email that they click on, and ensure they use a good quality anti-spam solution to block such content from even hitting their mailboxes. Forget fish and chip paper – today’s news is tomorrow’s spam theme.