Sparkling AMTSO

Today I am at the AMTSO meeting in Budapest. We have just voted and approved 3 papers for publication: In the Cloud testing, Malware validation and Review Analysis. These 3 papers will shortly be available on the new AMTSO website.

These papers add to the existing work done at AMTSO and really are providing the bedrock of guidelines to testers on doing quality tests and put a process in place for analysing tests that aren’t as high a quality as we all want to see.

For me this marks the start of AMTSO influencing the quality of testing for the good of the consumers. AMTSO is not seeking to tell testers how to conduct tests but to inform and highlight what needs to be considered to produce a well rounded test. With the advent of the Review Analysis process, AMTSO has put in place a method of conducting a review of a test by members of AMTSO – the aim being to highlight both the good and bad in tests and to do it in a fair and consistent manner.

For some reason there seems to be a natural association with alcohol whenever AV reseachers get together. Pete asked someone else to post his blog so he could get back to the bar. For the AMTSO event we were taken on a sparkling wine tasting evening at the Törley Champagne Factory, complete with robes that all champagne knights wear. Törley is the bust next to me – I can’t remember why I ended up with 2 glasses of sparkling wine…

Some wag commented that AMTSO should be the Anti-Malware Tasting Standards Organisation.