Advice For Auntie

Phishing for our confidential bank details continues to be a lucrative sport for the senders of spam.

Even on a Saturday the phishers are out in force, their lines baited with such tempting morsels as:

*******This message is for Abbey United Kingdom customers only***********

Your Abbey account balance is currently overdrawn by £4121.93

What to do next ?

If you feel this message has been sent to you in error ,

Go to your online account and check your current balance(s) for your account(s)

Personal Banking

Abbey Personal Banking

We appreciate your business. It’s truly our pleasure to serve you.

Personal Banking Team
Abbey Bank United Kingdom
Accounts Notification Dept
0870 217 6029
Click here to activate your account

Of course we can all tell when we’re being spun a phishing line. Or can we?

My auntie recently received several emails advising her that someone had accessed her bank account and withdrawn large sums of money.  Auntie is generally a pretty smart cookie but she dutifully followed the advice in the email. She clicked on the link that led, not to her bank but to the phisherman and innocently handed over her confidential bank details, thereby falling for the phishing scam hook, line and sinker. 

When Auntie phoned me to relate this sorry tale she told me that she had received several such emails, some from banks with whom she doesn’t even hold an account. No, she said, her suspicions were not aroused by this, she had assumed that there was a massive banking fraud underway and that she was just one of many victims and had better follow the instructions quickly. 

Auntie’s modest nest egg makes her small fry in the phishing game but enough small fry gathered in one net makes for a very good day’s phishing indeed for someone. 

I will be visiting Auntie next weekend. After a nice fish and chip supper I will show her the collection of the phishing emails that I have collected from my own email account over the last year. I will also regale her with tales of the many that we have trapped in our own Sophos nets.  

Before I leave I will make sure that I have left a  link to the Bank Safe Online website  amongst Auntie’s favourites so that she can remind herself, the next time that she finds her inbox baited, that there are a great many sharks out there.