You DON’T have “(1) New Message from Outlook Microsoft”

Here’s an interesting phishing campaign we caught automatically in our spam traps yesterday:

Phishing email claiming to be regarding Microsoft Outlook

The email claims that you have a new message in Microsoft Outlook, but you need to reconfigure your settings (by clicking on the helpful link) in order to read it.

Of course, the email is bogus and you’re actually in danger of handing over details of your email settings to internet hackers.

Interestingly, the domain (which I’ve blurred out above) hosting the bogus webpage was also used earlier this week in a more traditional banking phishing campaign, targeting the Commonwealth Bank of Australia:

Phishing email claiming to come from Commonwealth Bank

Although as a security geek (well, you must be – you’re reading this blog, right?) you wouldn’t fall for this kind of thing. But I wonder how many other regular computer users might be so keen to read their message, or make some money in a survey, that they would click on the link before they engaged their common sense.