Don’t download Google Chrome for Mac or Linux

Google Chrome
When Google released its very own web-browser, called Chrome, last year it generated enormous attention and many Windows users rushed to try it out.

There were some grumblings, however. In particular from members of the Mac and Linux communities who were disappointed that a version of Chrome had not been released for their operating systems. Google was quick to reassure them that ported versions of their new browser were in progress, but might be some time off.

Well, it seems that non-Windows users are one step further to getting their wishes answered as Google has announced that they have released “developer versions” of Chrome for Mac and Linux.

Woah! But hold your horses a little you cappuccino-supping Mac lovers and neck beard-wearing Linux freakazoids – because Google is also suggesting you don’t download them.

Blog post telling regular computer users not to download the Chrome beta for Mac or Linux

The reason? Well, they’re not ready for regular users yet and – in fact – sound like they’re currently pretty useless as web browsers. However, releasing an early version like this just to the hardcore browser developer community will help bugs to be found.

So, most Mac and Linux users should be a little more patient if they’re gagging for Google Chrome.