You don’t have a job? Get a Govt Grant

While monitoring SophosLabs’ spam traps this morning I came across a proposition with the following subject: You don’t have a job? Get a Govt Grant


Several things stand out from this email that make me think it is something other than a nice friendly offer of free cash.

First off, the contact email is a Gmail address. Not very professional, havn’t they got their own domain?

Second, the From: header is different to the contact address, this time it’s a MSN email. Why is the message from someone’s MSN account when they want me to reply to a Gmail address?

Third, the FUR (First Untrusted Relay) IP address that this email was sent from is a dynamically assigned IP in Italy, not related to MSN or Gmail, and it has not come through either MSN’s or Gmail’s servers. So they are also forging the message headers.

Although $30K that I don’t need to pay back sounds very tempting, the idea of being taken for $300K by identity theives after I hand over all my personal details does not sound so good.

I think, after all, I won’t pack in the job for a Govt Grant just yet. When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.