Solution to computer security cryptic crossword

Crossword solution
Thanks to everyone who took part in our cryptic crossword competition. What a smart bunch you Clu-blog readers are!

If you haven’t already tried to complete the crossword feel free to have a go now, but we’re no longer taking open for entries.

And that’s because we have a winner in the form of Simon Anderson from London who says he is “currently looking for a job in Finance IT”. Some goodies are winging their way to him right now.

Well done to Simon, and everyone else who took part. I hope you had fun.

And if you’re still scratching your head trying to work out the answers, I’m publishing them upside-down (so as not to ruin your fun if you’re still trying to complete the puzzle).

Of course, you now have the puzzle of how to read the answers upside down. Do you have to turn your monitor upside down? Take a screenshot and then flip it in PhotoShop? Dangle from your ceiling light fittings? Or just print it out on a piece of paper and turn the sheet the other way up? The choice is up to you.

Thanks again to John Hawes for compiling the crossword in the first place.