Another Michael Jackson Scam

No doubt last week has been a very sad and depressing week for most people to learn of the passing of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson not only inspired millions of people through his music but his tireless charity work had given hope to millions more around the world. He is a true humanitarian and his ongoing contribution to society has established him as one of the most charitable celebrity in the world. The loss of Michael Jackson had devastated many people and left some feeling vulnerable because to many people Michael Jackson is more than a celebrity, he is their inspiration.

Unfortunately, there is a small minority in society that seems to have no sympathy at all and unscrupulously plans to benefit from such a tragedy.

Shortly after the death of Michael Jackson, scammers have started an online campaign to scam people into sending donations to the so called “MICHAEL JACKSON ORGANIZATION”.

Below is an example of the scam email that we received (which had already been blocked by Sophos appliances):

It is sad to see how some people can use the death of another person as a profiteering tool. Everyone should be careful not to fall prey to these scammers and always be on the look out for these common online scams.