Amazon and Sophos

The work that the guys carry out in the lab is pretty varied. We do everything you would expect – analyse malware, publish descriptions and protection, analyse spam, check out websites that are supposedly compromised, answer plenty of customer queries and research latest malware techniques. That’s the short list. Then I could talk about all the projects that the analysts work on, developing new technologies and then getting them into the product to help with detecting all the latest threats – even crystal ball gazing to see where the threat might be moving and designing pre-emptive technologies for the Sophos product range.

Every year there are new products developed with the latest detection technologies. This year is no exception and Sophos is about to embark on a Beta program for its new products and we are looking for customers to join that program to help evaluate the latest offerings.

If you are interested in taking part them please check out and join in the program. I’m told there are Amazon vouchers available for those who provide feedback – I wonder if they’ll let me join.