Sophos and Utimaco in perfect harmony

It’s an exciting day at Sophos, because we’ve completed the operational integration of Utimaco. That means that our global support, sales operations, HR, IT, marketing and finance teams are truly working as one, and we’re operating as one company. Huzzah!

As you probably know, Sophos already incorporated Utimaco’s encryption capabilities into our product lines.

One of my new colleagues shared with me a song that their team produced a while ago, promoting the wonderfulness of Utimaco. To my mind it’s a classic example of Germanic eurocheese technopop. It is definitely worth a listen.

So put your dancing shoes on, roll back the carpet, and join us in celebrating the integration..

Learn more about how our encryption solutions can help your company, and read more about the integration in this article that quotes my big boss, Steve Munford.