Are Apple Mac users perverts?

Erin AndrewsIf the ad boys and girls could bottle the power of cyber-gossip, they would be set for life.

Case in point: Did you all notice the sheer speed with which the story of Erin Andrews’ naked video screeched around the net? (She gets undressed in hotel rooms – stop the press!)

Everyone is talking about it, and probably only a handful of people outside the USA knew who she was before this fiasco.

What is even more interesting is that cyberbullies are acting like the most desperate of crack addicts, monitoring the webwaves for trends to capitalise upon. Our naked hunger for the salacious and the shocking has a price – who knew?

The bad guys set up legitimate-looking webpages and fire their links around via online ads, pop-ups, comment boards, Facebook, Twitter, etc, to lure us into their sophisticated traps, turning our systems into slaves.

Whatever internet trend bubbles up, they jump on it, duping us into infecting our own computers, be they PCs or, wait for it, Macs.

Yes, Macs. The messiah of computers. The Untouchable One. Do any of you really believe that Macs are impossible to infect? W.A.K.E. U.P.

Sure, Apple put out solid products. They work well and they look sleeker than Michelle Pfeiffer in a catsuit. But are they truly invincible?

Another thing that occurred to me as I was looking at the newsworthy malware targeting Macs this year. They are mostly sex-based. Now, malware does try to socially engineer itself to propagate more effectively, begging the question: Are we Mac users all perverts?

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The latest Erin Andrews’ peephole story enticed hackers to write malware capable of infecting Macs. Last month, a malicious link to an alleged sex video of “Gossip Girl” Leighton Meester was tweeted by Mac evangelist Guy Kawasaki to 140,000 people. And yes, it could infect Mac users too.

And last month we showed how scouring the internet for porn movies can lead to a nasty pox on your shiny Macbook.

Now these threats also targeted Windows users, and there is a shed load more threats out there designed to attack this dominant player in the market. But, hackers are tailoring threats for Mac users, and they are using sex to lure us in.

Perhaps if we cleaned up our act a little, stopped being so nosey and dirty minded, they would stop focusing on us Apple users. Better still, if we stopped being so blasé about security and realised that the biggest weakness is not the operating system, but the human using it, we could safeguard our systems.

Go on, I double dog dare you – those of you out there not using any security at all, why not download our free Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac home users, and see if you are not unwittingly contributing to the cyber problem?