Download Sophos Security Threat report: Jan-July 2009

Sophos Security Threat Report July 2009
Earlier this week Sophos published an update to its Security Threat Report, looking at the trends and attacks that have emerged in the last six months.

I recommend you download a free copy of the report [PDF], even if you’re not of a nerdy technical bent, as it’s an easy-to-read summary of what the bad guys are up to on the net.

Here are some of the questions that you may have answered if you do decide to download the Security Threat Report:

  1. What did hackers claim Barack Obama had done on the eve of his presidential inauguration?
  2. Which veteran pop star was running a website that helped hackers steal your banking information?
  3. A hacker threatened to auction personal information about 8.3 million patients in which US state to the highest bidder?
  4. Which social networking site strikes the most fear into system administrator’s hearts from the malware point-of-view?
  5. Which of the following didn’t have their Twitter account compromised by hackers? Barack Obama, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears or Basil Brush?

Finally, for those of you who digest information via your ears rather than your eyes, here’s a podcast where Carole Theriault and I discuss some of the findings of the report: