Relationships 101: Don’t write malware for Girlfriend !!


Today I saw what seems to be another dumb effort by some script kiddie to please his girlfriend.

The author attempts to show off his soft side, by dedicating the Japanese band l’Arc-en-Ciel‘s hit song “Honey” to his partner.

He then thanks everyone for reading about his dedication.

All very sweet. But this dedication has a malicious twist to it.

The malware deletes some files and replaces it with a copy of itself. It also drops a html (above pic) which lists the lyrics of the song. Quite a few registry entries are also modified. The CD tray is also tinkered with, making it open and close on its own in annoying intervals.  

Tells you something about the levels some people go to, in order to please their significant others.

As this file is seen with a variety of catchy file names (like Honey.exe and Hot Pictures.exe), please always be aware of clicking on files with suspicious and enticing file names ;-).