Language Is Not A Problem For Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s record sales have risen dramatically since his death. It is thus not surprising that spammers will not pass up on this great commercial opportunity. Today, SophosLabs received a Chinese spam campaign advertising Michael Jackson albums on DVD (highlighted by the red circle in the following picture):

The link in the above spam directs to a website offering illegal copies of software, movies and music. Apart from Michael Jackson albums, you can buy almost any digital media you want in there, such as the latest Transformers 2 movie as well as Microsoft Office 2007.

While I’m all for entrepreneurship, piracy unfortunately does not fall into this category. In Asia, more than 10 billion U.S. dollars are lost through piracy[*], therefore it is not surprising to see spammers sending more and more spams to sell pirated products. SophosLabs analysts will continue to monitor and block such kind of spam campaigns.