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Australian outfit Rainmaker has produced a series of shows called "The Decision Makers", looking at the most pressing IT security issues concerning the financial services industry.

The latest star of one of these five minute films is our very own Paul Ducklin, who talks about the problem of scammers stealing personal identifying information via phishing attacks.

Although the target market of the site is financial institutions, the questions Duck deals with are mainly around how to help consumers understand:

  1. Phishing - what and why?
  2. Phishers - who and what else do they do?
  3. Online users - how can they resist being phished?
  4. Law enforcement - what can be done to nobble the phishers?

Watch Paul Ducklin on Decision Makers

So, you may find the video useful for helping raise awareness about the phishing threat around your organisation.

However, if you're totally clued-up about all things phishing you can still enjoy the video for the bizarre Star Trek-style dematerialization effect that happens to Duck and his interviewer at the end of every question.

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