Ours not to wonder why

From my window I can see a lovely sunny day, green fields, and peeking through the trees, a small skate park (somebody just failed a kickflip).  So why am I looking out from inside SophosLabs?  Because even on a Sunday, the bad guys are still working – so we have to as well.

Still, as Sophos is more business focussed than most anti-virus vendors, it’s quieter than normal.  The number of malware submissions from customers tends to be much lower at weekends, Monday is often our peak day.  Even with only two of us here, we’ve been able to answer all incoming pleas for help swiftly enough to keep everyone happy.  And we’ve been blocking 99.5% of all spam – except for one brief drop due to Svetlana.  You may be lonely and pretty, and want someone to dupe / talk to, but you’ve spoiled a beautiful graph, so I have no sympathy for you.

I like to imagine that all our customers are enjoying their time off, and that all the malware authors have to spend their weekend hours in a windowless room, writing the next wave of spam and malware for Monday.  Possibly they’re only allowed a lunch break if they solve a dozen CAPTCHAs and generate 30 new spellings of Viagra.

So, if you are reading this and are on the side of good: I hope you’re making the most of your time.  Enjoy yourself!  Zoe and I are here looking out for you.  If you’re reading this from a windowless room and have got as far as V1@9r before getting stuck: ah-hah!  No lunch break for you.