A Zimbabwean plea?

The Nigerian scams generally make very interesting reading. The stories created by the scammers seem too good to be true (and generally are as well).

Here we see a member of Robert Mugabe’s personal staff writing to some random person about how he plans to use the Zimbabwean president’s money for his personal benefit. The personal assistant speaks of how he scammed the money off Robert Mugabe (money which he had kept for his retirement) and his plans to use the money for personal investments in the victim’s country. The BBC link (obviously there to trick people into believing this to be a genuine email) is probably the only legit part of the email.

The email comes in this form

Attn: Sir/Madam
I am Mr. Jacob Dube,please find the attach copy and get back to me .
Thank you
Mr. Jacob Dube

Here is a copy of the email attached

Notice how the email was sent by someone from a common email provider (@mighty.co.za). Also notice that it wasn’t sent to you in particular but to a whole list of potential victims.

As always, be very careful of these “too good to be true” deals and don’t divulge your personal details.