AutoCAD malware: ACAD.VLX

At the end of last month, I saw some malicious AutoCAD files (AL/Utax-A) which caused me to put AutoCAD on my research to-do list. The last time I seriously looked at AutoCAD malware was back in May  2007 (AL/Bursted-Fam).

Imagine my surprise therefore, when – after a week away on vacation – I came back to find that there are reports of another new piece of AutoCAD malware!

Last night, SophosLabs received a copy of this new malware – detection is being released as AL/Logo-A.

AutoCAD is now higher on my research to do list and so expect me to talk about these threats more in the near future.

I am struck by a comment in my blog of two years ago:

“As with all malware occurrences if you practice SafeHex then you are less likely to be affected by malware.”

The malicious ACAD.VLX file has an MD5 checksum of MD5:324af2abc1f3aef92eb6fd596b6eaa00.