Magazine ships Induc Delphi virus on cover CD ROM

ComputerBild CD ROM containing Induc virus infection
According to German media reports, a popular computer magazine is on sale in the country containing a copy of the W32/Induc-A Delphi virus on its free cover CD ROM.

The 18/2009 edition of ComputerBild, one of Germany’s biggest computer magazines with an estimated readership of over 4 million people, carries an infected copy of TidyFavorites 4.1, a tool used to help you organise your browser’s list of favourite websites, on its cover CD.

Springer-Verlag, the publishers of ComputerBild, have reportedly contacted independent experts at who have confirmed the infection.

ComputerBild has published a statement to its readers (in German), warning of the infection and providing a link to a clean, uninfected version of the program.

The good news is that W32/Induc-A appears to be a proof-of-concept virus and has no malicious payload other than spreading – nevertheless, no-one wants unauthorised hacker’s code running on their computer.