XSS worm targeting Chinese website

For the last few days we saw a XSS worm outbreak on renren.com – which is a facebook-like website in China.

The worm itself poses as a flash file for the “Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here” video – which tries to execute an external javascript file.   The first line for the worm is a friendly greeting:

// I’m not a malicious worm.^^;

The technique used in this worm exploits a simple XSS hole in the website – with a payload which has a flash component with the AllowScriptAccess=”always” attribute to allow the above “non-malicious” javascript to spread the worm via renren.com’s API. 

This is same technique used back in 2007 by the Okurt worm 

We now detect the worm as W32/PinkRen-A.