AMTSO Standards


This weekend I should have been relaxing at home with a glass (or two or…) of wine and enjoying the Bank Holiday in the UK. Instead I was in Canterbury, UK, with the rest of the AMTSO Board and several members of the AMTSO Advisory Board where we spent time discussing the future plans for AMTSO.

Over 2 days of meetings we explored how AMTSO was progressing and where it needs to go to increase its credibility in the Computer Security arena. Key to this is the measure of how well known AMTSO is and what it stands for. Regrettably we came to the conclusion that AMTSO is not as well known as it should be and this needs putting right so expect to see increased publicity from AMTSO.

Equally, publicity is no good if there is nothing behind it. AMTSO has a clear charter and has published some excellent documents covering different aspects of testing. However, more is needed and they need to cover all aspects of testing from simple advice to newer testers through to guidelines and, ultimately, standards.

One question that we often get asked is whether AMTSO is going to certify testers or tests. We spent a lot of time exploring this issue and came to the conclusion that to be in a position to certify tests or testers there needs to be a set of quality standards created first and so a clear goal for the organisation is to produce those standards that can be used to give a credible measure of quality in the future.

Another area of discussion was membership. Currently the membership consists of vendors, testers and publishing houses. However, the membership needs to be more comprehensive. There are many organisations out there who have yet to join and with whom we would like to work. If you are interested in joining then go and look at the AMTSO website to see what it stands for and also consider the forthcoming members meeting in Prague where we would love to welcome new faces.

As I reflect on our 2 days together I can see that AMTSO is moving in the right direction. There is lots of work to do but I also saw a real enthusiasm to make progress at a much faster rate. Watch this space and I hope to see you in Prague!