The funniest thing I’ve seen today

I’m indebted to @bobmcmillan for tweeting about this and bringing it to my attention. It certainly brought a smile to my face.

A dude called Mesmero has posted a request for a coder on Nothing unusual in that, of course. After all, many people and small businesses find contractors that way for specific programming jobs.

No, what raises an eyebrow is that he’s after someone who can hack into a Hotmail account for him. And he’s prepared to pay up to $250 for the right coder.

Hotmail hack job

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this sounds a bit shady. It’s all totally above board.

Mesmero writes:

"A very close friend of mine's hotmail account has been hacked, the culprit changed the password by guessing rightly the "hotmail password reset - secret answer" page. IF anybody out there can change and reset the password I would be very grateful indeed."

So far one person has offered to do the job for $150.

Of course there’s no chance at all that is really criminal activity, right? Ahem.