And so it begins (again)

I was recently interviewed here about the potential security threats facing the G20.

In previous years, when we got to about the two week mark, we’d start to see a rise in malware and spam targeting the G20. It’d peak just before the conference, then trail off.

We’re now approaching that magical two week mark, and guess what? We have started to see the first sightings of malware.

So far, it’s been malicious documents and PDFs making the rounds. We’ve seen several detections such as Troj/DocDrop-I, Exp/APSA09-01, and variants in the Troj/PDFJs family.

If history is any guide, we should see the malware ramp up a bit more and the spam to start ramping up soon.

Usually anything that’s in the news and in the forefront of people’s thoughts are what scammers and hackers prey on. President Obama’s speech, healthcare, natural disasters have all been exploited as malware or unwanted email in our inboxes and will disappear just as rapidly with something new.