Serena Williams outburst video? Advantage hackers

Once again, it’s time to remind internet users to be very careful when searching the internet for information about breaking news stories.

This weekend ace tennis player Serena Williams made the headlines for all the wrong reasons, after losing her cool with an official at the US Open. Serena’s threat, as she lost her semi-final to Kim Clijsters, to shove the tennis ball down the line judge’s throat didn’t go down well with officials.

Perhaps understandably, people who missed the match on television may have turned to the internet to hunt for the fruity footage. However, be careful what you click on – as you can see in the screenshot below, some sites claiming to contain video evidence of Serena Williams losing her cool may carry malicious code.

Serena Williams outburst video search result

Clicking on the link takes you to yet another fake anti-virus scan, designed to install hackers’ code on your computer and separate you from the contents of your wallet.

Another hotly searched for topical story in the last day or so has been the tale of rapper Kanye West’s latest shenanigans. The star made a complete idiot of himself at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), leaping onto stage (while talented teen songstress Taylor Swift was giving her acceptance speech) to praise Beyonce’s video instead.

We haven’t seen any malicious activity around the Kanye West-Taylor Swift-Beyonce Knowles triangle yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there was some lurking out there.