BBC sending Nigerian scam?

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I don't often receive spam through my work address and when I do I investigate and block it so our customer can be protected. Imagine my surprise this morning when I received an email from the BBC!

From: Thomas Wellington <>
Subject: Across Your Contact

Hello There,

I am writing you from Heir Hunters Company in the United kingdom , Heir Hunters probate detectiveslooking for distant relatives of people who have died without making a will, here is our websitepage on BBC TWO News,

We came across your email while searching and we will be glad if you can get back to us with yourfull name, date of birth, address and your direct number if it corresponds with the one on ourdata base in order to enable us carry out necessary process and to get your claim across to youwithout any delay.

Thomas Wellington.Heir Hunters BBc TWO News E-mail:

A few things in the above email suggested to me that the email was fake even before I looked at the headers.

  • The BBC categorises the Heir Hunters program as :Factual, Life Stories or Money. Not News.
  • The capitalization of BBC is BBC not BBc.
  • Why would the Email address for a UK based program be in Hong Kong?

For once the link was genuine though :)

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One Response to BBC sending Nigerian scam?

  1. Andy · 1734 days ago

    How can you tell it is a Nigerian scam and not a Russian or
    even a British based scam? Is the information to verify this in the
    content of the email or hidden somewhere else?

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