Are that many followers worth it??

I received a notice that I had a new follower on Twitter, so I decided to see who it was. Nope, no one I recognized. I went to check out their page and I saw this:

I knew this is a total scam but decided to check it out anyway. I was directed to a page with a bunch of packages. So there are various levels of followers you can purchase, and varying amounts of time that it takes to achieve all of the followers. Now what I thought was amusing was the fake Paypal link. So not only would you be giving them money, but total access to your Paypal account.

I then saw another version of this scam that has an “introductory rate” of $5, but then a monthly billing rate of $99.50. It didn’t steal your credentials, but they asked for all your credit card details, so could bill your account (along with anything else they wanted to charge on there as well.)

Is proving to the world you are one of the “popular kids” really worth that much? Not to me, it isn’t.