BRB I’m eating Twitter spammers :)

In the last hour or so a stream of new accounts have been created on Twitter, with some curious similarities.

All of them have tweeted precisely twice so far. The first occasion they said “Hii” and they followed that up with

Brb, eating 🙂

Danika tells us she will be right back, presumably to start spamming

For those not fluent with txtspk, BRB means “Be right back”.

As you can see below, there are dozens of these accounts – all with profile pictures of young women.

New Twitter accounts with identical updates

My guess is that this horde of newcomers to Twitters are the work of automated bots, planning to follow hundreds of users in the hope that they will be able to entice innocent parties to follow them back in return. Indeed, some of them already have followers despite not having posted anything meaningful.

Now, I’m going to do my bit and make use of the new spammer reporting feature on Twitter.