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Compatible with Windows 7
People around the world are about to get the opportunity to purchase and install Windows 7 (in fact, some members of the public have already received and reviewed it), so you may well be interested in whether you can protect your new Windows 7 installation against malware.

The good news is, Sophos Anti-Virus does work with Windows 7 - and we have a pretty logo to prove it.

In fact, the new integrated Sophos Anti-Virus and Sophos Client Firewall client, Sophos Endpoint Security and Control version 9.0 supported Windows 7 in early October 2009 before the official Windows 7 release.

This means Sophos customers will be able to protect their Windows 7 computers with:

  • anti-virus
  • device control
  • data control
  • application control
  • firewall


If you want to learn more about Windows 7 and security, make sure to check out the Windows 7 security round-up Chet wrote on his blog.

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