Web seminar: Learn about social networking threats

Earlier this year I gave a talk at the RSA Conference in San Francisco all about how cybercriminals are targeting users of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The talk went down very well, even if I do say so myself.. 🙂

Cluley at RSA Conference 2009

Now, those charming folks at RSA have invited me to give the talk as a free web seminar. It will be taking place tomorrow (Wednesday 28th October) at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST (That’s 17:00 if you’re in the UK).

It should be a pretty interesting discussion – as I’ll be able to demonstrate how the threats have evolved, and what some of the social networks are trying to do to stamp out the problem of malware, phishing, spam and identity theft occurring through their communities. Oh, and I’ll be demonstrating some actual attacks too – so you’ll see them with your own eyes.

Update: The web seminar has now happened. If you missed it, and want to tune in, please visit the RSA Conference website where they have an archived copy in glorious technicolour.