Crikey! I’m a finalist in the Computer Weekly IT Blog awards

Computer Weekly IT Blog awards

Those awfully nice people at Computer Weekly have been in touch to tell me that I’ve not only been nominated for two awards, but I’ve actually made it as a finalist as well!

I imagined my @gcluley twitterings and rabid blogging about all things computer security-related might be just wafting into the ether.. but it appears some of you may have been getting some benefit from it, or at least enjoying it.

So thanks very much to whoever nominated me in the categories of “Best blog about IT security” and “IT Twitter user of the year”.

I’ll be honest with you – I don’t stand a chance of winning either. There are some great security blogs that I am up against, and how can I hold a torch against the output of Twitter royalty like the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones, The Guardian’s Jack Schofield and national treasure Stephen Fry?

But it’s still a great achievement for the Clu-blog even to get this far. This blog is a lot younger than some of the other respected blogs listed in the security category – and so I really do have to thank everyone who visits each day (or umpteen times a day when I’m feeling prolific!) for their continued support.

PS. There don’t seem to be any rules on the Computer Weekly page regarding repeat voting, but I’m assuming that they set a cookie to stop people trying to influence the result. Even if they don’t – everyone play fair, okay? No setting up botnets to choose the Clu-blog and @gcluley in their respective categories.. alright?

PPS. I forgot to give you the link if you did perhaps.. maybe.. who knows?… want to vote… ahem..

>>> Vote here <<<

Thanks again. 🙂