Is it art? Controversy over OSX/LoseGame-A

Last week, SophosLabs released detection for OSX/LoseGame-A and following Symantec’s publishing detection (which they call OSX.Loosemaque) there has been some controversy about whether this is a game or malware (see 1, 2, 3).

From my point of view this is malware. Why?

  1. The warning screen isn’t  multi-lingual if English isn’t your first language you will still recognize ‘PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE’.
  2. Even if English is your first language a child looking for games on the computer will not read the warning but press through to the game.
  3. Lose Lose warning screen

  4. Would our corporate customers want this on their networks?

The concept behind OSX/LoseGame-A is ill conceived and it is likely to have malicious consequences not considered by the author.