Duck savages Ikee iPhone worm author

Risky Business
Sophos’s Paul Ducklin has been voicing some strong opinions.

There’s nothing new about that, of course, as you’ll know if you’re a regular follower of his blog.

This time, though, Duck, is explaining why he can’t excuse the author of the recent iPhone worm, Ikee, and why he feels the majority of people got the answer wrong when they took a poll earlier this week about whether it was justified to release the worm into the wild.

The below interview, with Patrick Gray of Risky Business, is excerpted from this week’s Risky Business podcast. You can download the whole podcast (which also features an interview with Ashley Towns himself, the Aussie youngster who has admitted to setting the virus loose) here.

You’ll enjoy this, because Duck doesn’t mince his words, so give it a listen: