Don’t buy drugs online, don’t put your health at risk

I posted earlier today about the millions of dollars that hackers are making promoting pharmaceutical websites.

Aside from the risk that, if you buy medication from a fake pharmaceutical website, you are handing them your credit card information – you are also potentially putting your life at risk.

Pfizer has recently released data revealing that more than one in seven British adults has admitted bypassing the healthcare system to get hold of prescription only medicine without a prescription. What’s worrying about this figure is that 50-90% of medications sold through unregulated websites are counterfeit – which could mean you are seriously endangering your health.

To raise awareness about the problem, Pfizer has produced a controversial hard-hitting TV advert, which is only allowed to be shown on British television after 11 o’clock at night.

The video is rather grotesque, as it shows a man throwing up a rat. So think about whether you really want to watch it before pressing “play”.

Pfizer has produced a website discussing the dangers of purchasing counterfeit medicines where you can find out more: