I Eat Tragedies For Breakfast

Tragic stories tickle me. Whenever I encounter someone on the street trying to get donations to “help poor people with hunger”, I make a detour around them. No sad story is tragic enough for me to hand out my cash. You can call me miser or unsympathetic, I do not care! Below is a sad story I would snigger at:

My name is Elena, I am 32 years old and I write you from Russian province. I work in town library and I provided to use  computer afterwards I finish work if possible. Our position is very hard and I decide write to you this message in despair.

How poor can a librarian be? I have seen them driving continental cars and living it up.

I have a daughter Anghelina, she have 8 years, her father abandoned us and we inhabit with my mother.

As consequence of deep crisis recently my mother lost job (bakery where she was worked is now ruined) and our position became horrify.

Gas and electricity is very expensive in our town and we cannot use it to heating our home  any more.

If a librarian can’t afford gas and electricity, how can i ever afford to live in Russia!

Winter is coming and weather becoming colder every day. We are much worried  and we do not know what we can to do.

Now we can use the only one way to heating our home – it  is to use portable wood burn oven which giving heating from burning wood. We have enough wood in our region and this oven will be heating  our house completely winter with minimal charge.

The trouble is that we cannot purchase this oven in our local market because it monetary value 8187 roubles (equival. of 191 EUR) and we cannot afford it because this amount is fortune for us.

I would advice them to head straight down to the local “Harvey Norman” equivalent and ask for the “No Interest till 2015” deal.

May be you have any old  transferable wood burn oven and if you discontinued using it, we will be very glad if you could donate it for us and prepare transportation this oven to our home (190 km from Russian capital). That oven are difference, they built from cast-iron and weight 100 kg.

Not only does the kind soul have to part with his/her beloved wood burn oven, he/she has to arrange for transportation as well.

I expect for your help.

Elena with my family.

Elena expects. When people expect, I hate to oblige. At this point, most readers will label me as heartless, but i’m not. I would donate to help animals as they are the most helpless creatures in the world 😉

Before I end, I am in desperate need for an Audi S5. Can someone please donate?